Rediscovering that as humans, we need to walk to live.

I did it because I was trying to reach 10.000 daily steps to conquer an objectiveo on my fitbit app.

Goodbye Motorola 360, welcome FITBIT CHARGE 2.

This one on the right is my “old” Motorola 360 that I was using every day with my mi band 1s.

The motorola as a smartwatch/watch and the mi band as a fitness tracker.

But then I go the new FITBIT CHARGE 2 for Christmas and…. I got stuck into the real gaming changer, constant heart rate monitoring, multiple days of battery and a great hub to connect it with my old unused Strava account.

I putted away my mi band, for bakcup use if fibit breake and removed moto.

170.409 steps — 345 floors — 131,35 km — 49.553 calories

So here it is my current progress of January.

I’m always trying to walk a little bit more because being a student that’s going to became a programmer might lead to being fat, due to taht I’m trying to stay fit and be healthy.

Having a smartwatch wasn’t helping me at all, so from now on I’ll use my Motorola 360 just for special occasions when I want to have a nice looking watch.

For the rest of my time I’ll always use my FITBIT challenging my friends and my familiy to do more steps than I do.

🏃🏻‍🏃🏻‍With the integration with Strava, connected to I can get this awesome graphs of all my runs! 😃 🏃🏻‍🏃🏻‍