a new kind of keybaord created to improve typing on touch interfaces by Marco Papalia.

I’m going to use it for the next 7 days on my phone even if it’s slower than a normal qwerty keybaord to break the routine of typing with my phone.

Using Swiftkey I can type at 223 cpm — 45 wpm

1st day with Keybee: 50 cpm — 10 wpm

3rd day with Keybee: 61 cpm — 11 wpm

5th day with Keybee: 72 cpm — 14 wpm

7th day with Keybee: 75 cpm — 15 wpm

It’s still a long way from the Swiftkey with auto completiton help but I’ll use it sometimes to use my brain a little more than usual.


A fast explanation of the strange arrangement of letters