IPFS — InterPlanetary File System

InterPlanetary File System is a new internet protocol that aims to upgrade the web and replace HTTP.

HTTP retrieve a File from a Server with a centralised system creating a SoF(Single point of Failure).

IPFS use a P2P(Peer to Peer) approach to get files from all nodes that have it.

HTTP work with Location Address.

IPFS work with a Content based Address.

Your content will be Persistent, Resilient, Public and you won’t be able to remove your content so there won’t be censorship to your articles.

Hosting a Website on IPFS

You can host for free your static website following this simple guide, this link use ipfs.io service to get ipfs files directly to your broswer.

Remember to start IPFS daemon with the command “ipfs daemon” to start sending your files to other nodes in the IPFS test-network.

The future with IPFS?

Multiple planets == Multiple Web with HTTP but with IPFS just ONE

We are going to colonise the space, living on more planets and we won’t have to recreate multiple web with IPFS, we’ll have just one single network sharing information and will be able to get everything even on a remote resort on one of the Moons of Saturn.