When did I start playing those games/apps?

Last year I started working on small project with Unity plus Google cardboard Sdk integration making simple test here.

I have also written a simple tutorial to help get point and click teleportation in Android.

The problem?

I had no/small experience of VR. I went out and bought a chinese version of Google Cardboard made of plastic, anways it had really poor lenses.

Anyway, I decided to test as many VR apps for Android writing down all the possible things I would improve as a developer, while building them.

Here’s my thoughts.

Duckpocalypse VR

Minos Starfighter:

VR Poly Woodlands:

Hardcore VR:

general music or video 3d:

Google Spotlight Stories:

VU cinema:

Androids Dream:


Emulated Pylons:

Hack the planet:

Radial G infinity:

Alien apartment:

Perfect Angle:



Deep space VR:

Lamper First Flight :

Space Doom VR:

Under Fire VR:

VR Minecart:

Vikings VR Cardboard:

Voxel Fly VR:

Astronomy VR:

Cosmic roller coaster:

VR Roller Coaster: GALAXY 360:

Gravity Pull VR:

VR Invite by Homido:

Power defense VR:

VR industrial town:

VR Bobsley:

Apena vr:

Orcs tower

VR Cave of Fortune:

Space Vacation:

Free VR Relax Meditation:



I really hope that you enjoyed this list of games to try inside Virtual Reality with your Android device.

This is an on-going list, more title/games/apps will be added in the future, April 2018