Don’t wait for predictions for yourself

Daily steps

Don’t look at graphs of the last 2, 3 months or weeks just understand how many steps have you done today and start moving right now to get closer to 10.000 steps.

Health stuff

I started doing 3 to 4 workout session every week and I won’t stop. I’m not using any app other than FitStar with custom and new workouts tailored for me every afternoon.

Getting sweaty in less than 10 minutes, quick shower and then ready to have dinner and conclude an awesome day.

In addition to that I decided to start using most of the day only bicycle to commute to University.

Buisness creation

Don’t wait for analytics insights, if you want to create something just find your clients and after that you’ll create a “product” for them. I have been acting like this with my private lessons students.

Never say that you can’t teach something if you have time and