During this week I’ll focus on my daily routine.

The new routines will be based on a few important things for myself:

Every day will be like this for the whole September plus end of August.

6.00 Drink 1–1.5L of water

6.05 Meditation and Journal for today focus + 10 ideas

6.15 Write reflections about what I’ve been thinking in the last minutes

6.30 Morning RUN

7.30 Tea time and pack lunch

8.00 Get ready and go to Work

8.30 Work at NOOO web agency.

12.30 Go to University and have lunch with Kappa

13.30 Study and Free time

17.30 Bikram Yoga Lesson

19.00 Dinner at home

22.00 Before Bed routine

22.30 Ask my self some questions and write them down to think about them while sleeping.

I’ll work every morning for NOOO Agency as a junior web developer mainly backend on Magento.

During September I’ll have free time in the afternoon because lessons start again on the 1st October so I’ll try to make as many new things as possible with my girlfriend while studying for the last exams of last year.

Then I’ll start doing private lessons of Computer Science probably 2 times a week, 3 times a week Bikram Yoga and finally 2 days for expirments or to finish lessons or homeworks.

In the past I’ve done weekly interviews to startup teams for my blog/medium, I found them really interesting but by email or text is almost impossible to get reply or a complete interview so I’ll stop that kind of activity but I’ll start focusing more on personal projects and learning, study.

Mon ( no routine )

I had a normal day and felt really tired at 17.00 and at 21.00.

Tue ( only start with Morning Routine )

I have added a M.R. and it’s really simple:

I completed it without any big problem but I need to get things prepared the night before and when I try new things document about them from level zero such as if I don’t know anything.

Wed ( I’ll add a small routine After Lunch)

The After Lunch routine is really simple:

This steps are necessary for my health and to be ready and fresh for the afternoon lessons or work.

Thurs ( I’ll start the first month of Bikram Yoga and I’ll add to the routine all the things related to that )

I didn’t start bikram yoga so I can’t start that routine from today. I didn’t complete the morning routine and either the lunch routine.

Fri ( Add an evening or afternoon routine )

Sat ( I’ll find the 3 most important things in my routine that I can’t lose + integrate ways to )

Sun ( improve with all the errors done during the week and plan the future steps to take )

I realized that running every day is too stressful for my body I need to have some days to relax and gain strength.

I have to leave on the telephone so my alarm will wake me up with my Mi band.

I have to set fixed time to start routine and always respect them without any excuse.

Next week I’ll focus on Study Method to prepare for next semester, the first one of my second year at university.