Last month I had to finish 3 exams but I passed two, the last one I’ll have to do it again in June.

Then I also had to do two expirments:

And I failed on those two things too… I made a lot of progress on my progect for the exam P2 but then I also couldn’t finish APPCAMP courses and also I didn’t start studying new subjects cause I was too much focused on trying to get better with P2.

But I can’t blame my past errors I can only learn from them, if I could start again February I would focus much more on exercise for the last exam while focusing 100% on those expirments and if something fails or doesn’t work change it as soon as possible.

This month I’ll change objectivies while trying to expand my comfort zone.

27/02/2017 to 12/03/2017: I’m going to doodle every day with new characters at 21.30 just before going to bed.

all the drawings that I created in the last 14 days! :)

13/03/2017 to 26/03/2017: I’m going to write Morning pages every morning, trying to continue small drafts written the night before.