The tipical morning commute, for me to university.

I probably produce more than 4 tons of CO2

3.9 Tonnes Climate Pollution (CO2E) from CarboTax !

Most of it is produced while driving my car and also when I buy new technological stuff such as a new smartphone.

So I’ll make a list of all the thing that I’ll try to use as long as possible:

I will add a few other items that I will use for the next few years such as Kindle Paperwhite or Sony Mirrorless camera.

But this won’t reduce my expences on stuff and on activity that produce a lot of pollution so from next year I’ll consider using my bicycle to get to lesson every morning, no more car everyday.

And for my next future I will go to university every day but much earlier so I won’t find a lot of traffic, 10 minutes against 18 with traffic.