This was a great year! Life needs to be more than just solving every day problems. You need to wake up and be excited about the future!

Past Year achievements

Twitter BIO

I’m a Web Developer interested in VR, AI and UI-UX design. Making concepts in #aframe, #unity3d and designs in #figma.

I’m an XR Developer working on VR, AR applications. I make #everydays with #blender 2.8 and #unity3d.


I design and develop Web and XR experiences.

I design and develop XR experiences in the Virtual Reality Metaverse. I do EVERYDAYS each day with Unity3D and Blender.

My job label description?

Past me: Junior Web developer

Current me: Junior XR developer

Future me: 3D Junior artist + Middle XR developer

Most important Skills level

  Unity Blender Photogrammetry Drawing/Concept Art Houdini VR Workflow
2017 2 0 0 1 0 0
2018 7 4 3 1 0 0
2019 20 15 6 10 8 12

What about other skills such as AI or Design or Web work?

As I already said in the past about projects, I need to focus on the most important things and I have to say no to stuff outside of this scope. I won’t look at web development stuff like I have already done for the last 4 months.

Daily practice does not make Perfect!

Doing everydays for the last 175 days didn’t make me perfect in any field I worked during this on going experience.

What about normal life?

New year, new Goals

Too many goals or new years resolutions aren’t usefuel.

3 “simple” GOALS:

  1. Loving my Girlfriend more than anything else and being a better boyfriend, solving my defects!
  2. Continue EVERYDAYS by following courses to improve drawing, modelling, VFX and Virtual Reality workflows.
  3. Daily meditation or walk before work with small stretching or swimming on the weekends.