Today I finished the first 50 shots for the Daily UI challenge.

It wasn’t easy, I lost inspiration and drive to design many times during this period, but at the end, I managed to complete all the shots from “001 Sign Up” to “050 Job Listing”.

Check out my designs on Dribbble.

Getting ready for 2018

I will:

I will try to:

Final notes and reflections:

I will focus on saving $ to be able to go live on my own with my girlfriend as soon as possible plus being able to buy a small car such as Smart Fortwo.

P.S. I really want to travel abroad with my girlfriend so we need to be focused to realise our dreams together.

P.S.S. I have been thinking about VR too and I’ll have to wait to get cheaper VR devices and cheaper gaming PC video cards before I’m going to buy it.